Circles tallboy using all the good colours

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I cheated a bit. I try to find pieces with a past, a previous life that comes with a story. I'm sure you recognize the iconic shape of this tallboy. Yes... this guy started his life at IKEA. Do I think he deserves a second go? Also yes.

I would have to argue that this generic flat pack baby has turned into something pretty special and one of a kind. Yes, I also purchase IKEA from time to time. I mean really who doesn't? They often serve very needed purposes. 

This one ended up not working out for an intended project. And so he sat, newly assembled, lonely and empty. 

But now, I think he's a bit of a show stopper! The circles were made by creating a custom stencil inspired by a circles border I hand painted on the plywood walls of my studio. I used all the good colours on this one, meaning all of my favorite colours of the moment. An allover white wash did wonders to tone down the IKEA yellow of the wood. If only I had space to keep them all!

Width: 29 1/2 '' 
Height: 47 3/4''
Depth: 15 1/2''



Every piece of furniture is one-of-a-kind and all sales are final.  

Please appreciate that most items I choose to refresh and redesign are second hand or vintage. The patina and character created by their previous life are often why I choose to work with a particular piece and remain part of its charm. History and imperfections are to be embraced and celebrated!

While always providing high quality professional work, my pieces are all hand-painted therefore quite different than a factory and mass-produced finish. All items are original creations and strive towards a more sustainable and slow moving life.

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