Scandinavian folk flowers dresser

This cabinet is in my top favorites of my 2020 pieces. It was painted in a deep Aubusson blue, a colour that I've always loved, and sealed with a black wax finish.

Like everyone else, 2020 gave me the opportunity to slow down and try new things. Two of the things I started to practice that I had always wanted to have time for (after all the bread baking and house plant acquiring), was drawing and eventually block printing. My love of botanicals and Scandinavia resulted in this original block print design inspired by scandinavian folk art flowers.

Depth: 18 3/4'' 
Width: 36 1/4''
Height: 27 ''


Every piece of furniture is one-of-a-kind and all sales are final.  

It's very important to appreciate that most items I choose to refresh and redesign are second hand or vintage. The patina and character created by their previous life are often why I choose to work with a particular piece and remain part of its charm. History and imperfections are to be embraced and celebrated!

While always providing high quality professional work, my pieces are all hand-painted therefore quite different than a factory and mass-produced finish. All items are original creations and strive towards a more sustainable and slow moving life.

Thank you for supporting creativity and originality!