Shades of green coffee table

Green, such a tricky colour sometimes. I can't decide which green this coffee table has become. Is it sage green ? Is it teal green? Maybe pistachio green? Regardless, this year our plant filled homes have brought green back into the spotlight and I kinda love it. Except when it comes to taking proper pictures to show all of you, then I kinda hate it cause it's hard to do.

Depth: 23 1/2''
Width: 47 1/2
Height: 15 3/4''


Every piece of furniture is one-of-a-kind and all sales are final.  

It's very important to appreciate that most items I choose to refresh and redesign are second hand or vintage. The patina and character created by their previous life are often why I choose to work with a particular piece and remain part of its charm. History and imperfections are to be embraced and celebrated!

While always providing high quality professional work, my pieces are all hand-painted therefore quite different than a factory and mass-produced finish. All items are original creations and strive towards a more sustainable and slow moving life.

Thank you for supporting creativity and originality!