Side table at dusk

While this side table certainly has history, its past remains a mystery. All I know is that it's new life with me started back in about 2014 when I was battling it out with the 7am crowd at a local church yard sale. By chance, an old gentleman who had grabbed most of the interesting pieces for a steal asked me what I was planning to do with my second hand furniture finds (I think he noticed I was clearly eyeing his haul). I told him I had started a new business, rescuing secondhand furniture and redesigning them to give them a new life.

His reply ''have I got something for you!'' He invited me to come pick through his furniture haul at his home. He simply enjoyed the hunt of finding interesting pieces, and the social interaction I suspect, but then ended up just storing them in his garage and holding his own sale once a year. Jeff and I filled our then Mazda Tribute two times over and those pieces remain some of my most loved finds to this day.

So there you go, this side table came from that nice old gentlemans garage. It used to be dark and belonged to another time, but now it's a warm scandinavian pink and barcelona orange blend softenened with white wax. I see it either as a nice accent table in your home or as a sweet night table.

Depth: 14 3/4'' 
Width: 25''
Height: 24''


Every piece of furniture is one-of-a-kind and all sales are final.  

It's very important to appreciate that most items I choose to refresh and redesign are second hand or vintage. The patina and character created by their previous life are often why I choose to work with a particular piece and remain part of its charm. History and imperfections are to be embraced and celebrated!

While always providing high quality professional work, my pieces are all hand-painted therefore quite different than a factory and mass-produced finish. All items are original creations and strive towards a more sustainable and slow moving life.

Thank you for supporting creativity and originality!